Verité is a team of audiovisual artists specializing in documentary filmmaking. We are passionate about being part of real stories and unique moments. In our trajectory of more than 10 years, filming events in almost every continent, we keep learning every day and surprising ourselves about what makes each human being special. In our work, you will see our essence and our heart.

Nicolas Ortega- Quito, EC

I hired them for my wedding and they were absolutely perfect, flawless, thoughtful, fun, caring and knew exactly what they were doing: ART. It was such a relief to see all these professional people working in perfect synchronicity to capture every detail and moment of the entire wedding. The final movie was jaw dropping, AMAZING. I would recommend them over, and over, and over again, to anyone who asks me who I hired to capture my wedding video. Verite, hands down the best decision you can make. THANKS.

Estefanía Acquaviva- Cayambe, EC

Verite is a very professional and amazing group in both video and photography. But on top of it all, they really knew how to capture the essence of my wedding, in their style of video, and the pictures they took did not to missed any important moment we had. Each one of them, in Andres' team, are such good people, they make it easy and make you feel comfortable with all the ideas they have. It is so important to have a group that knows how to capture the video and photography of the moment, especially on a day as important as your wedding.

Cristina Dávalos- Sevilla, ES

A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet Verité via friends' wedding videos. I was getting married in Spain and after searching for video companies in the US and Spain, nothing could beat Verité. I contacted them to see if they would travel with us and it was actually the best decision we could have made! The team is involved from the beginning, they really want to get to know the couple, the values, the family, the friends and create a video that represents our story. We talked a lot and they went with us to where they thought was ideal for the trailer and video. Their creativity was incredible. We trusted them because of how comfortable we felt with the team. Their patience, humility and warmth exceeded our expectations. They became instant friends! In the end our video is the most beautiful memory we will have to show our children, friends, and hopefully grandchildren. It is not a traditional, boring video, it is a video that invites you to believe in love over and over again and reminds my husband and I why we chose each other. There isn't a person who doesn't cry from the emotion! And already several friends in the US and now one in Japan are looking for you because they really want this professionalism and creativity for their weddings! I would really hire you again to document more stories of my life or of friends! Thank you for giving us the best memories of our lives, for your patience and professionalism!

Andrea Puente- Quito, EC

Working with Verité Wedding Films was amazing! If you are anything like my husband and I, you probably don’t like to be in front of the camera, but Andrés and his second shooter Gabriel made both of us feel at ease from the first shots taken while we were getting ready for our day. I can honestly say that after the initial shoots we hardly noticed they were there, which made every shot they captured authentic. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the final videos either, from the highlights video to the long form version of our wedding film, Verité captured the feel and message we wanted our wedding to show. You won’t receive the standard wedding video we have all seen so many times, they gave us a truly unique memory of our wedding day and we can’t thank them enough!

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